At atp we create items that are designed with love and passion from designers with perspective and flair. For people who want to maintain or present memories with the unique quality and variety of atp.Take a look at our annual brochure online or download it on to your computer.

What Athens Logo

The new project of atp. Athens is our city. Inspired by the city we love and live in, we have created a new series of products with humor and a renewed insight. Become familiar with it!


What Athens Logo

Inspired by the Ancient Greece, we created a new series of products that everyone would like to take along.


· New products ·

  • Mugs

  • Ladles

  • Aluminium Magnets

  • Foil Magnets

  • Foil Panoramic Magnets

  • Hair Brushes

  • Phone Rings


  • Bags

    Choose your favourite
    whatATHENS! bags & pouches and
    start discovering the beauties of the city.

  • Pouches

    Nice and handy a whatATHENS! wallet
    will keep you good company while you are
    out shopping, dining or even travelling.
    Pick your favorite one, put it in your
    whatATHENS! bag and hit the roads.

  • Playing Cards Deck

    There are so many card games out there.
    You don’t have to be a gambler to play
    with whatATHENS! playing cards deck.

  • Aluminium Plates

    Have a look at whatATHENS!
    aluminum plates. Make Athens part
    of your decoration and keep memorable
    every place of this city.

  • Magnets

    Our magnets are here.
    An excellent choice for souvenir
    or collection purpose.

  • Stickers

    Modern, well designed stickers.
    An excellent choice for souvenir
    or collection purpose.

  • Notebooks

    Athens inspires. The notebook
    is combined  with pen or without one
    and becomes the perfect vacation set.

  • Pencils

    Anything you’ll decide to write
    or draw with a pencil whatATHENS!
    will be full of inspiration.

  • Pens

    Write down your exciting, funny,
    strange memories from Athens
    with a whatAHTENS! pen.

  • Keyrings

    You’ll never forget where your keys are,
    again, as you can never
    forget your visit in Athens.

  • Metallic Lighter

    Introducing the new metallic lighter.
    It will become a very successful gift
    to remind you of your staying in Athens.

  • Mugs

    Enjoy your coffee in a large mug
    or an espresso mug of whatATHENS!
    and feel like overlooking the Acropolis.

  • Shot Glasses

    Enjoy your shot
    in a shot glass of whatATHENS!
    and feel like you’re still on vacation.

  • Magnetic Bottle Opener

    A useful magnetic bottle opener
    to remind you of all the great time
    you had during your staying in Athens.

  • Nail Files

    The nail file whatATHENS! is the best
    accessory for glamorous appearances
    in the city! Take it with you everywhere
    and match it with your best moments.

  • Pocket Mirrors

    A beautiful day begins with walks
    and unforgettable moments!
    Feel the beauty with the style that gives you
    the whatATHENS! pocket mirror.

  • Hair Brush

  • Tweezer

    whatATHENS! tweezer is here
    to feel carefree and beautiful
    with a unique style.

  • Thimble

    whatATHENS! thimble
    helps you create
    and keep your fingers beautiful.

  • Hand Fans

    Before hitting the roads remember:
    sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water
    and definitely a whatATHENS! hand fan.

  • Salt & Pepper Set

    Salt and pepper garnish our lives.
    When it comes to the whatATHENS!
    salt and pepper set,
    the recipe is guaranteed.

  • Ladle

  • Coasters Set

    Different tastes and desires, different
    design coasters to choose your favorite one!
    …Bottoms up!

  • Table Mats

    Cook your favorite dish and place it
    on a whatATHENS! placemat for you,
    your family and friends to enjoy. Bon appetit!

  • Travel Pillow

    Whichever way you choose to discover
    Greece, whatATHENS! travel pillow is exactly
    what you need to take a refreshing nap!

  • Christmas Balls

    Decorate your Christmas Tree
    with whatATHENS! christmas balls
    to remind you the beauties of the city.

  • Mobile Cases

    You may have that super phone
    you always wanted, but true style lies
    in its whatATHENS! mobile case.

  • T-Shirts

    With the whatATHENS! T-shirt
    you will always have Athens in your heart.
    Choose among various designs and colors.

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  • KOS





ATP > PRODUCTS > Northern Greece



ATP > PRODUCTS > Magnetic Products

  • Magnetic Calendars

    A practical 12 page calendar
    with wonderful images
    for the whole year.

  • Fridge Magnets

    The most beautiful collection
    with Greek themes
    for your refrigerator door.

  • 9 Magnets Set

    New different sets with nine
    different refrigerator magnets.
    Greek destinations and beloved images
    that everyone would like to keep
    in their memory and…on their refrigerators.

  • Magnetic Bookmarks

    Two magnetic, easy to use
    bookmarks with wonderful
    images from Greece.

  • 3 Magnets Set

    Three magnets combined. For savings,
    variety, and to save you from having
    to choose! Take a look at the combinations
    that we suggest for your consideration.

  • Metallic Panoramic Magnets

    Metallic magnets in a horizontal
    or vertical shape, with images
    of your favorite Greek locales.

  • Glass Magnets

    The round, glass magnets is our new hit. Shiny, cute, and in many designs.

ATP > PRODUCTS > Puzzles

  • Magnetic Puzzles

    The magic of the Greek landscape
    on a magnetic puzzle.
    A beautiful and entertaining gift.

  • Puzzles 500pcs

    Greece in a large size.
    The new, impressive puzzles
    of more than 500 piece with
    beautiful images in a large variety.

  • Puzzle 1000pcs

    Santorini in a larger size.
    The new, impressive puzzle
    of 1000 pieces.

  • Puzzles 60pcs

    All of Greece in a puzzle
    of 60 pieces.
    Bedazzling locales that captivate.

ATP > PRODUCTS > Stationary

  • Metallic notes

    An elegant notebook in metallic colors
    that amaze. The quality construction
    and the hard cover protect it during its use.
    A special collection for special people.

  • Notebooks A5

    An elegant notebook
    with Gold Hot Printing cover
    that amaze. The quality construction
    and the hard cover protect it during its use.

  • Notes

    Agendas with color from Greece.
    In a practical size, large variety, with
    a hard cover, and quality construction.
    Comfortable and necessary.

  • Notebooks A6

    Greece inspires. The new notebooks
    are combined with corresponding pens
    and become the perfect vacation set.

  • Pens

    A large selection of thin
    pointed pens, in many
    different designs and colors.

  • Shopping Lists

    For your shopping list, quick notes,
    reminders, or for some organization.
    The shopping lists have the necessary
    pencil, but also a magnet so they
    can attach to metal surfaces.

  • Pencils & Jumbo Pencils

    Wonderful, colorful pencils
    that are unique.
    With colorful erasers
    and various designs that inspire.

  • Metallic Notes

    An elegant notebook in metallic colors
    that amaze. The quality construction
    and the hard cover protect it during its use.
    A special collection for special people.

ATP > PRODUCTS > Souvenirs

  • Stickers PVC

    Modern Stickers
    well designed and with
    a large variety of images

  • Patches

    Decorative, iron-on Patches
    in a large variety of images
    and different dimensions.

  • Playing Cards Deck

    Laminated Playing Cards
    for endless games with
    wonderful images of Greece.

  • Keyrings

    Make the difference with our
    impressive Key Rings.
    An excellent accessory for your keys.

  • Bottle Openers

  • Aluminium Plates

  • Pins

    Pins are always classic yet modern.
    The pins of atp are well designed
    and with a large variety of topics
    and will become a collector’s item.

  • Metallic Lighters

    Introducing the new collection
    of metallic lighters.
    Classic or aesthetically trendy,
    they will become a very successful gift.

  • 6 Coasters Set

    New designs sous verres
    in a practical set of 6 pieces,
    with a large variety of concepts
    and designs. Greece is everywhere.

  • Mouse Pads

    Your mouse can travel you
    to the most beautiful Greek locales.
    Choose your destination.

  • Table Mats

    A taste of Greece.
    A variety of table mats
    that brings Greece to the table.


  • GARY – Puzzles 60pcs

  • GARY – Pens

    A new collection of pens
    with Gary as the hero.

ATP > PRODUCTS > Greeting Cards

  • Glitter Cards

    Every day is a day for… wishes.
    The Glitter Cards offer a large variety
    of designs and concepts,
    satisfying every specific taste and reason.
    (Dimension of closed card: 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm)

  • Christmas Cards

    Lovely Christmas cards for the most
    wonderful holiday of the year.
    With special images and great colors,
    they have something from the magic
    of the holidays.
    (Dimension of closed card:
    9.5 cm x 9.5 cm & 12.5 cm x 17.5 cm)

ATP > PRODUCTS > Distribution

  • WPL

    Items that…click!
    WPL creates exceptional collections
    of cards and fits through their special
    photography work, like M.I.L.K.
    and famous photographers
    like Rachael Hale.


    Cards of high aesthetics.
    Bug Art has been active in the arena
    of illustrated cards since 1991.
    These cards stand out for their silver
    and golden etched details and the
    high quality materials that they use
    for the perfect finishing.

  • ICON

    Surpassing anything pedestrian.
    The ICON cards reflect the pop culture
    and the passion of their creators
    for photography and design.


    Beyond anything that you’re used to.
    The three dimensional cards
    that revolutionized the field.
    SANTORO has won important distinctions,
    for their cards and the unique items
    that they create.